Any solutions to get more natural light at home? I have installed a lot of lights.. but it feels a little dingy


My home does not have enough natural light.


This is a mistake most homeowners make. After installing every form of artificial lighting from chandeliers to lamps and other options you realize that something is missing, you need more of that natural light!

Do not worry we have some smart options that you can choose from for that naturally radiant home!

Using lighter colors like pastel shades or colors like white and cream are ideal for a brighter home. You can choose glossy over matte as it will reflect more light.

Lighter decors also contribute towards brightening your house. Porcelain and glass would be the right choice. Make sure that the carpets and rugs match with your color scheme.

Cleverly arranging mirrors across the room will help in the smooth flow of natural light. You can use mirrors to shine up the darker corners of the rooms. One thing to keep in mind is to place more mirrors in the East and West directions, as they get more sunlight than other directions.

Go for translucent curtains that allow more light to travel inside. Drapes and blinds will also lend a natural hue by filtering the harsh sunlight. An excellent option for all weathers!

Choose windows with light shade borders for letting that light into your house. Just make sure you clean them once every month. Large and clean windows with light fabric drapes will allow maximum sunlight to pour in.

Incorporate glass doors and partitions in your house. They allow light and also gives a feeling of more space between rooms. You can also frost the glass so that you can have privacy and light both.

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