Can you give me some room partitioning ideas which do not block the flow of light in the room?


I want to create a partition in my living room.


If you want to differentiate a section of the room, it is very important that you use ways that do not stop the flow of light in the room.

Here are a few options you can choose from:

The simplest choice is White curtains fulfill the purpose of diving the room into two parts and also soften the lighting of the room.

You can choose a traditional folding screen room divider as well which will segregate light in the room by letting the sunlight through.

Another option is to install double-sided bookshelves.They also allow additional storage and do not block the natural light.

If you are a plant lover, you can also use plants to split any area in the room.Tall plants can give that feel of a different space and also of a mini garden in the room.

Using a macrame wall or curtain is also a way to create a section in the room.This will also give a boho feel to the room.

A statement headboard can also do the trick.This will act as a wall without obstructing the light.

You can also opt for a pony wall.A pony wall is a short half wall that doesn’t support anything.

A differentiation can also be created by stacking window frames one over the other.The glass section will let the light pass through giving you what you desire.An alternative can be glass blocks which will help in segregating the space and the right amount of light in the room.

Wooden boards from the floor to the ceiling will also divide the room without restricting the flow of light.These can be used in both horizontal and vertical patterns and give an antique feel.

These options are an ideal choice for room partitioning,you can choose according to the space available in the room, and the decor.

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