From among the different types of beds that are available in the market, which one would be an ideal choice?


I want to buy a new bed for the master bedroom, but don’t know which one to buy.


Before you choose an ideal bed you should consider the number of users, bedroom interiors, what should be the size of the bed, storage requirements etc.

From among the types of beds that are available, let me tell you about some that can be used for the bedroom:

For homes that are short of bedroom space, the box bed is a good option as it is sleek and has a solid foundation.This bed also allows sufficient amount of storage if and when required.

Next is the standard king size bed which is the most favourite owing to its functionality and comfort factor.

The canopied bed has a classic majestic appeal to it, but this bed takes quite a lot of space, so if there is space restriction, this is not an ideal option.

The floor bed has stacked mattresses on the floor which can be removed and re-stacked as required and is ideal for smaller rooms.

The divan is more like a sofa cum bed which can be used as a couch in the day and as a bed by night.

A trundle bed or a bed within a bed is ideal i.e. the broader bed which is at the topmost level and the lower tier beds which are rolled in and wheeled out as per the requirements, this bed also has adequate storage space.

All of these options are good but choose one based on the space of the room, room design and decor, and your preferences.

Hope this solved your query!

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