Help! My child's just entered the tricky teens! We are planning to get his room designed... Just wondering how to ensure he's happy with it all? Gosh... kids can be moody!


I want to design my teenage son’s bedrrom.


Oh those moody teens!I can understand the stress you feel. But not to worry.

Here are some tips that will help you a great deal.

Firstly, make sure that your child is actively involved in the designing so that the room reflects his personality.

Investing in a good desk is a must in this age. Choose a desk which complements the color scheme of the room and the other elements.

You can go for a floor bed or a trundle bed as per your child’s preference.

A teen prefers some personal space so adding a funky chair,or some brightly patterned blankets will add to his own style.

Place some funky cushions, pen holders, lamp shades, and other preferred accessories.

A teenager’s room is filled with clothes, books, and other materials so think of some creative storage options according to the room size like install some open cabinets on the wall to store some unused items or a collapsable wardrobe to store items used everyday.

An ottoman with storage space is also a good option for a compact room.

Hope I could relieve you from some stress!

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