How do I add a green element to my house decor?

I want to have eco-friendly decor at my place.

You can decorate your home with some Eco-friendly decor like window frames,side tables,floor rugs,plants,etc.

A plant like Dracaena is a natural air purifier and requires hardly any maintenance.For bathrooms and kitchens you can go for small potted plants.

Use organic material or natural fibre rugs to cover up the floors.Carpets in bright colours also can add a pop of colour to any boring space.

Make use of renewable material for door panels,window frames,etc.Even using insulated glass, wood, aluminium, and even vinyl are great options for home decor.

Last thing is the lighting.Switch from light bulbs to CFL to save on both money and energy.Best option is to focus on getting as much as natural light as possible into your home.

Hope I solved your query!

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