How do I convert my bathroom into a spa? My work schedules rarely allow me to head to the spa.. how do I get one home?


Some ideas to convert bathroom into a mini spa.


A spa fan are we? that’s nice! Although spa centres offer much more comfort and better options, it is not difficult to get one into your bathroom with some simple steps.

I can think of some ways:

Spa is a way to relax and rejuvenate. So the place should display calmness.

If you have the space, you can install a rectangular natural looking bathtub. Install a door sized transparent glass in the bathroom to portray a closed space with a small wooden table/bench to rest on.

Install some gorgeous peel and stick tiles so that you cab have a temporary sense of style . You may not be able to cover your whole bathroom with these, so you can include some shower curtains of a similar pattern. Bathmats and rugs can also ne used to replicate this design.

Arrange all the bathing essentials neatly to add to the aesthetics. Do not stack your bathroom with 10 products, but only with what is essential.

Put in a shower head to give the feeling of a spa shower.

Invest in some dimming lights and some oil diffusers.

Go for some linen like bath towels.

Place some mini plants which do not need much maintenance.

Following these simple tips will make your bathroom a go to place to relax.

If you want to get your bathroom done up or if you want to change the interiors of your home, contact one of our experts!