How do I create a dining area in my apartment?


I have just moved to a new place. I’d like to have a dining area, or rather mark an area for dining. How do I do this?


A dining area can be conveniently created in the living room by arranging the furniture smartly. Here are some techniques you can use:

If your dining space is close to the living space use curtains or fold up panels to divide the space, this will also make the room seem larger.

Opt for slender dining tables and make sure that the space between the dining chairs is at aleast 6 inches.The arrangement of a dining table should be such that it is at least 36 inches away from the walls, so that there is no restriction in movement.

If you will use the dining area for kids’ study or crafts, consider a permanent bench-like seat attached to a wall.This will save space and you can keep additional chairs and can use the space for storage as well.

Using these tips, you will be able to have a functional dining space.

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