How do I design my 3BHK that stands out from the rest?

I want some designing tips for my 3BHK.

Here are some ways to get a 3BHK you have always dreamed of:

Go for relaxing colours like beige, sea green, light pink or white. Avoid darker colours like red as they might make your room appear smaller.

Use some attractive lighting for your home like side lamps, dimmers, chandelier, etc.just avoid very bright lights and always install some dim lights to help balance the lighting and also help you relax.

A small potted plant rather than the whole garden would be a much better idea.

The next important thing is choosing a bed. Choose a side where you will get a good amount of sleep every day. Explore the different options carefully before choosing one option.

A seating area is also important to complete the look. Fill the empty corners with an armchair or a small couch or any other option you would like to choose depending on the space available.