How do I ensure my home is the 'go to spot' for parties? I have a rich social life and love playing host! Can you give me some ideas to make my home more attractive for social dos and the like!


I have many parties lined up for this and the next week and I need help.


Aaah ! so you are a party person, that’s nice. Even though you are in the habit of organizing parties, it might get stressing sometimes, so why not design a house that is always party ready, so you dont have to go through the trouble of arranging stuff for every party and that makes your guests also happy.

Here’s how you can make your home a go to spot for parties:

⦁ Have multiple sitting areas at your home, rather than just a big sofa. Include sitting options like sofas, chairs and arrange them in a way that they do not hinder conversations or private chit-chats between your guests.

⦁ If there is huge space in the hall or living room, create cozy sections with the help of screens. Make sure that the dining area is on one side, so that people can sit comfortably or carry a plate and move freely. This will ensure that the party goes on smoothly.

⦁ Your party will be incomplete without some drinks and to ensure quick service, invest in a bar cart, where you can display the bottles so that you have to run to the refrigerator everytime a guest asks for a drink. Your guests will be able to help themselves when required. Just make sure some essentials like glasses, ice bucket, bar tools etc are there.

⦁ Opt for light fixtures that are dimmable for that party place effect. You can also go for some scented candles to add that glow to the atmosphere.

⦁ Your bathroom should be kept stocked with supplies such as fresh towels, toilet paper, hand wash etc. There should be small, separate drawers to keep everything in their place. This will save you from any last minute panic.

⦁ Create a game zone with the help of a foosball or pool table, depending on your budget. If parties are a regular thing at your place, investing in them is a great idea as they will ensure that entertainemt to your guests everytime.

⦁ You may have some books and magazines stacked neatly on a small table so that your guests can indulge in some reading. Add some custom pieces of decor like flower vases, paintings etc. to make your home more welcoming.

If you want any assistance for designing a house according to your taste, get in touch with us!