How do I incorporate 'eco-friendliness' into my home? There's a lot of this eco-friendly buzz happening this year... A lot of my friends are opting to go green with their homes! Some tips to achieve this?


Many of my friends have opted for green homes this year and they tell me to go eco-friendly for my home interiors as well, some tips, please.


Oh, this is hardly a fad… going green is slowly becoming a necessity! Eco-friendly interior designs have multiple benefits-low maintenance cost, good air quality, waste managemnt,and less exposure to toxic materials. Now, it’s a common misconception that using eco-friendly designs might make you compromise on aesthetics… but that is far from the truth! You could easily incorporate these ideas to make your home an example in eco-friendliness!

Instead of buying new furniture, get the old reupholstered with a fabric that already is in your house for example: colourful bedsheets, ols sarees, and curtains. This is the quickest and the most economical option.

Another method is to turn old wooden doors to tendy centre tables.

You can go for no VOC paint or a paint which does not have any solvents, ethylene glycol, acetone or formaldehyde. This will improve air quality at your home. You can also go for some organic wallpapaer (created out of recyclable elements,and natural dyes).

You can cover the walls with bamboo, which will maiantain the ideal temperature throughout and will give a natural look to your room. Bamboo is lightweight and is available in different varieties.

Add some indoor plants like dracaena which are natural air purifiers. They do not require much maintenance. Go for small potted plants for bathrooms and kitchen and even some shrubs in big urns for the living room.

Use organic material rugs for your home. Bright jute carpets will add a pop of colour to any open spoace.

Use CFL light bulbs to save money and energy. Focus on getting more natural light into your home. You can also choose windows lined with special coating that reflect heat and also give insulation.

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