How do I use dark colours in my home without messing up? I am kinda bored with neutral shades - almost every other home has those colours. Can you suggest darker shades I could use?


I want some tips for using dark colours at my home.


Bold choice! The mantra while using darker shades lies in using them in the right manner.

Earlier there were some misconceptions about darker colours like they make a room appear smaller, and make it feel dimmer, but not anymore. If you want your room to come alive, using darker shades on walls is a good option.

Some of the colours you can use are bright red, bold yellow, dark blues, green, ultra violet, and lemon yellow.

When it comes to incorporating these darker shades at your home, it is all about styling it right.

Here are some ways you can use darker shades without worrying too much:

There should be enough contrast when using darker colours to achieve that balance. If you are painting your walls in darker colours, make sure that the accessories are lighter in colour.

For example if you have solid dark colours on your walls, you can add geometric patterns for a contrast.

Stay away from using washed out shades, if there is no particular theme to stick to. Choose brighter shades instead. You can go for some pillows, fabrics, carpets, and furniture in bold colours with some mixing and matching.

If you want to use decor pieces from different time periods, places etc.,bright colours are the right choice. This will give your room an interesting look.

Using darker shades in small rooms will make them more prominent and using it in larger rooms will give a cozy feel.

Do not include too many patterns when using darker shades as it can feel a little too much. You can decide how many and which patterns to use depending on the room size and space available.

Just remember these tricks before going ahead with darker shades:

Always test a colour first. Paint small portion of the wall with colours you like to come to a decision.

Stick to only one shade for a room.

If a room has a low ceiling, paint the trim in the same colour as the wall to make the trim invisible and lend a taller look to the room.

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