How do I use the balcony space?


I don’t want the balcony in my home to be ‘just another balcony’. Something interesting I could do with it?


Wow! To have a balcony in a crowded metro like Mumbai is quite a blessing… It would actually be a sin to leave it underutilized!

For starters, it can make an excellent space for studying, or a cozy reading nook. I bet there’d be some space to install some shelves and arrange your books there. Or, you could simply keep a small cupboard and keep your books inside. Decorate the place with some interesting decor pieces, keep a chair or two, and enjoy this almost private space in your home. Of course, the view also matters - I hope your home overlooks a green patch! Nothing like some fresh air and greenery…

You could create a green patch of your own - install a mini-garden if you are a nature lover!

If you love to have parties, this would be a good place to keep your minibar. It kind of sets the mood for an enjoyable evening, especially during chilly winters.

Lastly, if you love art, this can be your private art gallery - or a place where you can create new art yourself!

The sky’s the limit really when it comes to utilising your balcony space. Experiment with furniture, art pieces, upholstery, etc. and come up with your own unique space!

And yes, if you ever plan to go for a complete overhaul, get in touch with one of our experts!