I am not so sure about using ombre for the interiors of my new home. Can you give some suggestions?


I have been suggested to use ombre for my house interiors since it is a new and unique pattern for house interiors.


Ombre is actually a very simple thing! It just means to shade using different colors… But yes, it can be pretty tricky when it comes to execution. It has to go well with the rest of your home decor… else it can end up looking a bit out of place… But, you have to note that you needn’t use the technique just on your walls…

You can use draperies which have watercolor brushstroke patterns to create that beautiful effect. Key would be to select the right material that suits your home interiors. Materials like cotton, linen, organza or silk are the best options that will create a striking ombre pattern. Remember to keep the darkest shade at the bottom to make the ceiling look taller and rooms broader.

If you own a duplex, and do not want to have ombre for your walls, you can very well go for shading the stairway. Just let your imagination flow. Paint the risers, handrail or balusters of the stairway in lighter hues, the choice is yours, just make sure to follow a certain pattern.

One other strategy would be to bring the ombre element to a house using furniture. Mix in an appropriate ratio of white paint and another colour you love to create those varying shades with painting. Works only with cabinets, drawers, and doors though…

The last way of bringing ombre to your home is to use it in accessories like pillows, blankets, floor rugs or even spoons. You can even use ombre wall hangings. It totally depends on your taste and requirements.

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