I am planning to break down the wall of the half room adjacent to the living room to get a bigger space in the living room for a pooja area. Can you give me some partition ideas to smartly separate the pooja area and the dining area

I want to break down a wall to create a separate pooja space, need some partition tips.

Breaking down a wall seems easy but there are a few things you should remember before taking this step:

If you live in Mumbai where most of the apartments have limited space and if you also face this issue, breaking down the wall many not be a good option for you.
Breaking down a wall can also affect the beams and columns of a residential building which might cause structural damage, and is quite dangerous.
Therefore, it is important to take advice from an expert.

If you have really decided to go for this step, let me give you some ideas for partition which are both smart and convenient.

You can make one section of the room floor slightly raised to create a distinction and making it attractive. Just adding a couple of steps will give it a defined look.A change in the colour of the flooring will also highlight the distinction.

A ceiling with just an overhead shelter can also do the job.Various types of false ceilings can help set a border. A dropped ceiling will also help to highlight a certain feature.

If you are not a false ceiling fan, you can also change the material at ceiling level, while keeping the flooring same or different as per choice.This will also help in differentiating the two areas.

The right kind of lighting also has the power to highlight any particular space.

Use recessed lights evenly across the ceiling for a basic layer of lighting and then add more layers on top of this to distinguish between individual spaces.

Curtains can help in creating a defined space and are simple and easy to install. You can keep changing or remove and put again when it is required.They are light in weight and are available in different prints & colours.

Screens can also be used for creating a partition. They come in various styles, textures, and sizes. They help define an area and also let natural light spread over the entire area.You can also go for flexible screens which can also be removed when required.

You can choose an option depending on your requirements and space available.

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Rather than breaking down the wall to get a bigger space, you can consider many options to plan your pooja area. Consider buying a customized pooja mandir according to your requirements. There are many designs in pooja mandirs like min corner pooja mandir, mandir with or without doors, altar design, etc. Choose the one according to your need and space availability.