I am planning to get the false ceiling work done in my apartment, I want to know about some measurements that have to be taken before going ahead


I want to know some important measurements before starting with the false ceiling work.


Before you start with the false ceiling work, you might also want to consider the painting costs after getting it done. There could be some damage to the paint which you should take into account.

For measurements, start with calculating the floor area, if the ceiling is flat. By calculating the floor area you will have the ceiling area as well. If your room is rectangular or square in shape, the area of the floor will be the same as the ceiling area.

If your ceiling is not flat, measure the additional ceiling areas separately, like if your ceilings have alcoves and window bays that are projecting outwards, measure the width and depth of these areas properly.

If the area has some slopes or variations that will be larger than that of the floor, keep this in mind before buying the required materials, to be on a safer side it is better to buy a little extra.

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