I am the quintessential nature lover! My work doesn't allow me to indulge my passion for nature... some tips to add a touch of it to my home?


I have a very busy work schedule, this keeps me from spending time in nature.


Oh, I totally get what you mean! Breathing good air has also become a kind of luxury in crowded metros like Delhi and Mumbai… finding a nice green patch is as good as a dream… But, not to worry! You can use some of these tips to incorporate the charm of nature into your home!

Firstly… a brick wall will work quite well in the living room. You can paint it to match with the other walls or can leave it for a raw look. You can paint your walls in subtle shades of green. You can place a stone vase with indoor plants to give your place that airy feel.

For the bedroom, you can keep it simple by opting for neutral shades like warm & beige.Go for bed linens with natural patterns. A painting on you bedroom wall with some hues of nature can be a good option as well. Add 2-3 mini indoor plants to complete the look.

You can use some wallpapers in the backdrop with some trees all around to give you the feeling of waking up in a jungle.

You can convert your kitchen into a mini garden. Line up those framed windows with small plants or colorful flower pots. Wooden flooring in warm shades with a table chair set will be an invitation to every other nature lover as well.

Reserve some space within your home for a fun outdoor swing. You can just relax here by reading a book or just spending a lazy weekend. Try to incorporate this in a place which overlooks natural surroundings to treat that nature lover in you. If short on space, you can choose a cosy corner or a place overlooking the greenery outside.

The most important and underestimated advice - make maximum use of natural light! Nothing spells ‘nature’ more than letting sunlight illuminate every possible corner of your home!

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