I am thinking of getting cabinet light installed in the kitchen.What lighting options are available?


I want to know about some under cabinet lighting options for my kitchen.


Under cabinet lighting is very resourceful and can be directly installed into the cabinet which makes it cost effective.

By using cabinet lighting you can disperse lighting exactly where you want it or its needed.Cabinet lighting also increases the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

There are some lighting options you can choose from for cabinet lighting:

Xenons or high intensity discharge lights have always been the choice because of the ultra-powerful intensity.They produce a bright light similar to the sunlight during day time and do not consume much energy.

Fluorescent light on the other hand is made when electricity connects with mercury vapor, thereby creating a bright light that makes the coating inside the light glow.They are available in various shapes and sizes.

Fluorescent light is energy efficient and durable.

The lights can be unsteady at times and do not look so great aesthetically but due to a broad scope of fittings that are available,it is appropriate for under cabinet lighting.

LED lighting can be installed easily and is energy efficient as well.

LED lighting installation might include little work with the line voltage/power supply outlet.

Since kitchen is a place which is tend to have some dampness, you can use LED strips with a waterproof covering.

LED lighting can be expensive especially the ones used for under cabinet kitchen lighting.

If LED light is used in spots with high temperatures, they may diminish earlier than expected.

Now that you know about some lighting options for under cabinet lighting,choose one according to your economical requirements, choice of style, and that will give you a well-lit kitchen!

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