I have a lot of leftover tiles after getting the flooring in my home done. can you suggest some ways to use them?


Need some ideas to use the spare tiles.


That’s a clever thought!Tiles generally are used in Indian homes because they are easy to maintain and are available in many patterns and sizes.They are usually used for flooring, in the bathroom or the kitchen but that’s not all,they can be used in other places as well.

Let me tell you more about it:

The inside of any shelf or the top of a table can also be lined with some decorative.You can choose from bright Moroccan tiles or even mix & match some styles.

But if this is too much for you, you can fuse them to the stairs by using them on the riser side of the stairs.This will create a striking impression that will catch your guest’s attention every time.

If you are the artist kind, you can even use these tile leftovers to create coasters and trivets.It would be ideal if you use the same tiles used in the kitchen for the trivets for that even pattern.

For coasters, you can cut down the tiles to your desired size and then waterproof them.These creative touches will give a personalized effect to your home decor.

If the tiles are bigger in size they can be hanged anywhere to create a personalized piece of art.
If they are mounted on the walls, their patterns and designs will bring out a sculptured effect to a room or give an impression of abstract art, any blank section of the wall can be used for this.

If you do not like this idea, you can use these tiles as a border on the mirrors and photo frames. Mexican or mosaic tiles are the best choices for this.

You can also create an uneven or an incomplete pattern with tiles on walls, if you do not like the idea of covering the entire wall with tiles.

Before you opt for any of these ideas, it is best to first look at the space in your house, quantity of the remaining tiles, and your requirements and taste.

If you need an expert advice on effectively using tiles in your house, our experts will be the best people to consult!