I have heard a lot about Art Deco, but not really sure how to use it in my home. Any ideas?


I want to use Art Deco style at my home.


Art deco basically is a style comprising of angular forms,geometric patterns, and unusual materials like stainless steel,exotic skins,lacquer,marble etc.themes can range from stylized animals to serrated edges and zigzag patterns.

This style gives a stylish and bold look to your home.

Here are some ways you can conveniently use this style at your home:

Choose colours like yellow, red, and pink to complement the metallic details of the style like using linear accents in gold white and the floor with geometric designed tiles with a touch of pink.

Lacquer and wood are also some features in art deco, so you can use colours like creames, beiges that match with these materials.

For a cosy look, you can go for dark walls and metallic accents. But if you do not like dark colours, you can go for lighter colours and include metal features throughout the room or place a statement mirror.

You can use styles like chevrons, leaves and branches, nudes etc. in upholstery, carpets, rugs, walls, ceiling, and cushions.

You can also use wallpaper with leaf designs, geometric designs or you can even use these patterns on the floor and the tiles.

Using black and white tiles or large rugs can add that glamour to the room.

Another idea is to use black and white tiles and large rugs to create a ravishing effect.

A thing to avoid is the checks and floral motifs since these patterns are not included in the art deco.

Include large sized furniture with unusual designs like birdcage-shaped chair or a side table with angular legs will give your room a luxurious look. A low armchair with velvet upholstery and a curved backrest is also an example of a typical art deco style.

Hope this helps you!

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