I have heard about a lot about the membrane finish,what is it and can I use it in my house?


I want to know about membrane finish.


Membrane finish is basically a Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foil. It is available in matte, glossy and wooden finishes.

Mostly used in kitchen,it is economical and gives a rich look to the kitchen.

It is available in many colours as well.

Let me tell you more about membrane finish:

Membrane finish has a good shelf life.

It can be cleaned just with a cloth and a mild detergent.

It is water resistant and is ideal to use in all weathers.

But it needs regular cleaning for maintenance.Care has also be taken that it doesn’t gets exposed to sunlight as it might cause discoloration.

It can also peel off when used roughly.

Also it is strongly advised not to use harsh cleaners or steel scrubbers as it will destroy the finish.

Even though membrane finish has its own share of advantages,make sure you do your research before choosing any finish for your kitchen.

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