I have seen ottomans at my relative's house in every room they have. Are they really a good addition to homes? How do I make use of an ottoman at my home?


I am not really sure about using ottomans at my home.


Of course! There is no other piece of furniture as versatile and as multi-functional as an ottoman (upholstered seat without any arms or back like a chair).

There are endless varieties and uses of an ottoman.

Here are some reasons why an ottoman is the best addition to your home!

You can find ottomans in various shapes and sizes.Some of the common shapes are round, square, and rectangle.

Round shaped ottomans can be used as a footstool, coffee table, or as a seat for small rooms.

Square ottomans can be used to compliment the furniture of your room. You can arrange two square ottomans together to create your own unique style.

The rectangular ottoman can be used as a coffee table, a long bench, or a corner to just relax.

Ottomans come in various materials and finishes. One of the most common material is leather which is long-lasting, and more resistant to stains, or tearing.

A fabric ottoman in bright colors can make a room more inviting. You can also use some slipcovers on your ottoman to color coordinate with the pillows.

Rattan ottomans are durable, easy to move and can be personalized by painting them in a color of your choice, only thing is that they need to be cleaned occasionally and be kept away from humidity.

Memory foam ottomans are the most affordable. These are recommended for those with foot pain. They are lightweight, and can be matched with any kind if furniture with the help of slipcovers.

Ottomans come in design options with excellent storage space, coffee table (centerpiece for small rooms), and tray ottomans (detachable, can be used as a table for laptop, and breakfast in bed tray), tufted ( chair and footstool ottomans). Glider ottomans are for rocking chairs and recliners.

If you need a bedding option for guests, you can go for a sleeper ottoman which come with storage space.

You read about the varieties of ottomans. Let me now guide you when & how you can use them effectively at your home.

If the seating area is shared by two rooms as in a open floor plan, if you are trying to save space, used to play board games etc. in children’s room. It can be used as a shoe shelf if you are fine with the jumble inside the ottoman. A storage pouffe can be used in the bathroom as a laundry basket or as a seat. To keep the extra clothes lying around in the bedroom.

Though an ottoman has these many uses and varieties, choose one according to the space and your requirements.

If you have a designing query or you want to know what type of ottoman will best suite your home, get in touch with one of our experts!