I saw some very pretty mirrors in my neighbor's house. I didnt know that mirrors could make a home look so classy. How do I incorporate mirrors in my living area so that it brightens up the room?


Some tips to use mirrors in living room.


That’s a nice idea! Mirrors in your home can complement the home decor and create an illusion of more space.

Let me tell you some ways you can use mirrors in your living room:

You can hang an antique mirror opposite to the balcony or window for it to reflect the view outside.

Instead of painting your walls in dark colors use some mirrors on the walls for that soothing brightness.

You can also use some artistic bordered mirrors in your living room wall with a matching chandelier.

If you have a long hallway, you can place puzzle peace mirrors on the side walls to brighten up that area.

Use mirrors in a way it doesn’t look overdone and also give you what you wanted for your living room.

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