I want to get my new apartment plastered. Which plastering material do you recommend?


I want to know which plastering material is good for my home.


The most common plastering materials are cement and gypsum.

Let me tell you about both these materials in detail:

Cement plaster is made by mixing cement, sand, and water and sometimes, plasticizers are also mixed to protect the walls from any parasites.

Cement plaster can be used both for external as well as internal plastering and it is best for plastering the exterior walls because it is moisture-resistant and protects the wall against any climatic changes.

The surface on which the cement plaster was used might look uneven and rough, and will require an additional process or material like POP for that smooth finish.

Cement plastered walls require water curing for about a week and the surface will not be strong enough if this is not done.

Cement plastered surfaces might shrink over time causing cracks.

Gypsum plaster on the other hand does not require any special process to achieve a smooth surface, this saves time and money.

Gypsum plaster does not expand or contract with time and therefore does not shrink.

The biggest advantage is that gypsum plaster can be recycled and reused as many times as required.

Gypsum plaster dries fast and therefore painting can be done after 72 hours. Gypsum keeps your home cool during summers and warm during winters.It is fire resistant and protects your walls for a longer period of time.

But gypsum plaster is suitable for interior plastering, is not moisture resistant and is not suitable for places like bathroom and kitchen.

I would recommend gypsum plaster since it is cost saving and dries faster.

hope this helped you!

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