I want to have a dining area at my home... I am the 'minimalist-yet-elegant' kind of person. Any suggestions?


I have shifted to a new apartment and the interiors are still going on. The house lacks a dining area but I want one.


A dining area can serve many purposes - It can be used for enjoying a nice meal with your family, reading, working, etc.

It also depends on where you want to have your dining area - Open kitchens are trending these days, with the dining area as an extension to the cooking area. Or, it could simply be a corner of the living room. Before designing a dining area, get these factors sorted.

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose materials and furniture pieces that will be suitable for you.

Firstly, the dining table. Choose the shape of the table according to the size of your room. A rectangular or oval table will always go well with large spaces and a round or square design will suit small spaces. Choose whether you want a glass top or a wooden top, depending on the interiors.

While choosing the table, make sure you evaluate your storage needs. You can always opt for a table with built-in storage and use it to store the stuff you don’t need. If nothing else, that space can be used to store the cutlery.

When going for chairs for the table make sure that there is enough arm space for a comfortable seating. Also take care of the height of the seating, should not be too high or too low. Also, if you are going for upholstered chairs, this offers an opportunity to experiment with colors and fabrics. Even in case of simple ones, whether you are opting for metallic or wooden chairs can also make the world of a difference to the ambience.

Make sure there is enough light for adequate brightness in the evening in the room. A larger room will require more lights. You can also go for light pendants or chandeliers for round or square tables. Select linear light fixtures for a rectangular dining table.

Adding an artistic appeal by including some sheer curtains or rug will also do the trick. You can place a nice centerpiece on that table for that elegant look. Store the crockery on a sideboard or a compact cabinet.

Whatever design you choose it should reflect your style.

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