I want to have a kitchen that is ergonomic,how do I achieve this?


I want to have a kitchen which is properly organized, there is a lot of mess sometimes in my kitchen, I do not want that.


Ergonomic kitchen design is a dream for every house owner.It is the proper utilization of space and working in an organized manner.

There are some simple and effective ways to get a ergonomic kitchen:

The first step towards an ergonomic kitchen is optimizing the kitchen counter-top by customizing it according to the height of the user to prevent any discomfort or strain.Ideally the counter-top should be around 4 inches below the elbow when standing.

It is essential to keep an optimum distance between the refrigerator, the sink, and the cook-top so that one can move freely and work better.

You can achieve this by taking a printout of your kitchen layout and drawing a triangle connecting the cook-top, the sink, and the refrigerator.The length of each side of the triangle should be between 4-9 feet and the total length of all three sides of the triangle should be between 13-26 feet.

Install drawers of different sizes with organizers for your plates, cookware, and cutlery.Get pull-outs that open to their entire length, so that all of the items can be viewed and accessed without too much bending.

For an ergonomic kitchen layout, the depth of the overhead cabinets should be around 15 inches so that you don’t bump your head with these cabinets while cooking.Ensure that the distance between the counter-top and the overhead cabinets is at least 2 feet.

Place the microwave in a way it is convenient to use.

Go for uplift-style overhead cabinets as this pattern is easy to use and ensures better safety.A top-hung cabinet with this kind of shutter can be up to 3 feet 6 inches across so that you can organize better.

Another thing to note is that the tall unit should always be placed at one end of the kitchen so that it does not break the continuity of the kitchen counter-top.

You can convert the inaccessible corners of the L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens into functional space.Use some modular accessories in the corners to allow easy access to the utensils stored there.

Arrange lighting in a manner that it illuminates the work zones carefully.Installing task lighting above your cook-top is a good option so there is adequate light while cooking.You can also go for LED down-lights or strip-lights underneath the wall-mounted overhead cabinets to brighten the counter-top where the food preparation is done on a daily basis.

Keep electrical appliances like toasters, juicers, and blenders within a single large cabinet for a clutter-free space.

Ergonomic kitchen reduces the physical and mental stress of everyday kitchen activities.Using these tips will help you achieve that.

Hope I could be of some help!

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