I want to have some mirrors in my kitchen and dining room,can you give me some ideas

I like mirrors and want to install some in my kitchen and dining area.

Mirrors give a nice feel to the room and can also make the room look bigger.You can very well put mirrors in any room of your house.

But let me tell you how you can put some mirrors in your kitchen and dining room:

Apart from being used for enlargement and beautification, it can also be used for other options like as a back splash. Mirrors over here will make cooking enjoyable.

If there is an old door in the kitchen you can enhance it with some mirrors and painting it to balance the decor.Adding some vintage hooks for hanging aprons or pots will give it the finishing touch.

Mirrored panels in the cabinets used to store daily tableware can enhance the dining room. Highlight the decor with some pink colour to the walls for that sparkly glow in your dining area.

You can use mirrors as creatively as you want in your home to get the look you want,just remember to not go overboard.

If you want to design your dining area or any other part of your house,contact one of our experts!

Mirrors not only make the room look larger but, also adds a new dimension to the overall look of the room. When you are decorating the kitchen space or dining area, you could add mirrors to the kitchen cabinets. The dining area can have some decorative mirrors on the wall or a huge one on the ceiling.
Mirrors also help to reflect the natural light, which makes the room look bright and airy.

Check out IKEA’s decorative mirrors collection. I’m sure you’ll find something that fits your room just right here.