I want to know about some types of lighting for my kitchen


I am planning to install some lighting in the kitchen of my new apartment.


Kitchen is usually the busiest part of the house, so it should be inviting and relaxing and selecting the right type of lighting will just ensure that.

Here some lighting options you can choose from:

Pendant light or hanging light fittings with higher watt bulbs can be used for areas like the hob or chopping area.
These are available in all shapes and sizes.You can go for vintage style or even the modern style lights.

LED strips or LED puck lights can be used below the kitchen cabinets to provide proper light to the counter top and the space below so that you can effectively perform the tasks.

The adhesive LED strip that can be stuck onto the underside of the cabinets without any wiring is in trend but you can go for the puck lights if you want more light.

Choose from fluorescent bulbs or CFL for ambient lighting,these are energy efficient and also last longer.

Even though all are good options, remember to choose according to your requirements.

If you need any help in designing your kitchen,you can contact one of our experts!