Is carpenter-made kitchen a better choice over modular kitchen?

I have this confusion as I have heard that carpenter-made kitchen is cost effective over modular kitchen. But I am worried about the finish and overall appeal of my kitchen.

Carpenter-made kitchens are built from scratch by local carpenters according to the requirements. Modular kitchens, on the other hand, are factory made and have modules of cabinets, made according to the measurements.

A modular kitchen can be the best choice if you are looking for a modern layout and smooth construction for that neat and clean look. These can be assembled on-site without any hassle. A modular kitchen can be easily reassembled and carried when you are about to shift to a new place. They are easy to maintain and come with complete quality assurance. Modular kitchens generally start at a minimum price. You might need to shell out more than your budget.

Whereas, building a carpenter-made kitchen is more comfortable, as carpenters are available locally. These can be made and customized according to your budget. Carpenter-made kitchen cabinets are permanently fixed, and cannot be dismantled to be used again when you are planning to shift to another house. Local carpenters may not be aware of the latest design trends, so it may be hard to get the carpenters to design something that’s in fashion! Carpenter-made kitchens do not come with machine techniques like edge banding for a smoother finish.

How to choose the right one:
If you have the patience and need a more personalized kitchen, a carpenter-made kitchen may not be a bad choice!
However, if you are looking for a more flexible and easy-to-maintain kitchen which has a smooth finish and good quality cabinetry, you should go for a modular kitchen!

Carpenter-made kitchens are very common as it a traditional way of getting a kitchen designed. Although the kitchen designing options are very limited to a carpenter made kitchen also the kitchen ergonomics are not considered when designing them.

On the other hand, modular kitchens consist of different ready-made modules of cabinets along with modern accessories brought together to form a splendid kitchen design. We can also expect reliable quality, fast delivery and easy maintenance when it comes to modular kitchens.

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