Is it a good idea to install sliding doors in my home?

I am getting my home done up but I don’t want the same old doors to be installed.

If you have space issues in your home, then sliding doors are perfect!

First of all, they are easy to operate - which is like half the battle won! Sliding doors glide on a track instead of swinging wide open. No extra space is wasted like in the case of the traditional door.

The multi-chambered sections come with unique double seal mechanisms that perfectly insulate your home against heat. It also results in up to 30% savings on electricity bills due to its insulation capability. Your home therefore stays completely warm in winter and cooler in summer.

You can go for composite gaskets for sliding doors as they ensure that there is optimal thermal insulation that keeps out the dust and rain. If the door is designed outside of the unit, it ensures a better sealing.

Sliding doors are also great for ventilation and for better visibility! Plus, they are really low maintenance since they have fewer moving parts! They do not rot or corrode and cleaning them also is no big a deal!

The sliding doors come fitted with multi-point high-security locks that are screwed into the steel core of the frames. installing shatterproof glass will also ensure security. The new sliding doors come with gaskets and aluminium seals that are durable. They also with a locking echanism that prevents them from coming out of the frame.

You can also add a screen to them, and install them near the kitchen or patio so that light is allowed with the outside breeze while stopping the insects from coming inside. The air flow can keep the home cool naturally by allowing the heat to dissipate.

The best part is that they are versatile. You can use them as closet doors, bathroom doors, your front door or even for a kitchen door. They can be used to create partitions, to separate storage, to separate the dining area from the kitchen, in the study to create a library section etc. Also, there are countless number of styles, colors and concepts available in sliding doors. They are available in all the sizes according to your requirement.

Are you looking to get your home done up? If so, get in touch with one of our experts, for solutions that are functionally and aesthetically right for your home!

Sliding doors work best for small spaces, especially when you want to create a room space. These doors also work well to divide large spaces or when you have to combine the outdoors with indoors.
Before you opt for these doors, know where and purpose of them in your room.
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