My new home does not have an entryway as such,how can I make one?

I want an attractive entryway for my house.

The first area which catches the most attention is the entryway.Therefore, it should be designed in a way it is attractive to one and all who enter.

Mirror makes space appear larger than it really is.But place it a few inches away from the door.

Utilize the little corner of the entryway by placing a comfy bench with cushion.

Use furniture like a thin table, small nook seat,etc.You can also include a chest of drawers to keep the keys and any other small items.

Also, an attractive side table with a bit of storage space with some vases will increase the stylish quotient of your entryway.

Open shelves can also be hanged so that visitors can hang their raincoats,jackets,shopping bags,etc.

You can even include some draperies to make the entryway resemble a short passageway leading to the house.

If you want some greenery, place a potted plant on both the corners of the entryway.

There can be many ideas and tips to design an entryway,the only thing to remember is the space,the design of the house,and your preference.

Hope this helps!

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