My office is going in for expansion but I don't have enough money to invest in a bigger office space. Can you suggest some ways I can effectively manage in the existing space?


I am little stressed about managing the office expansion.


Sometimes expansion becomes necessary for a business. The thought of it is little scary but it is not so difficult to manage. You can make use of the existing space and do wonders.

Let me help you with some useful tips:

According to some facts, the amount of office space per employee has shrunk to 100-125 square feet per worker,from 225 square feet. This means that there is some extra space in office which can be effectively utilized.

Firstly,get rid of the furniture that takes some extra space. You can do away with some bigger storage desks to save space, since majority of the work nowadays is done on laptop.

You can instead go for a large desktop table where more employees can sit and work.Replace larger chairs with modern revolving office chairs.

The increase in number of employees might give a crowded feeling, to avoid this try and arrange workstations in a manner which will lessen this feeling.

You can even go for a open office layout. This will save space and will also help in developing a better bond between your employees.

Try and arrange workstations facing the windows or glasses. This will give a spacious feeling.It will also allow natural daylight to pour in which is another stress buster.

If the office entrance has a big stretch, some of the space can be utilized as a workstation for the employees just make sure you properly separate the reception area.

The idea of huddle rooms is catching up the pace where stand up meetings are held and prove really efficient as the employees are more aware while standing.These meetings can basically be conducted anywhere that offers privacy to a group of team members, thus freeing up the meeting room space.

Another good option would be to go for standing workstations. They are said to improve employee efficiency as sitting for long hours in front of a desktop or laptop is not healthy.Standing workstations would allow more movement and will free up the chair space.

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