My wooden dining table has lost all of its shine and looks dull. Any way to add some sheen to it? Is there something maybe like a paint for wood? Please help


Tips to get the sheen back on my wooden dining table.


You can simply use wood finishes or polish/varnish as its called to add some sheen and a layer of protection to your dining table and any other wooden furniture.

I have listed down some types of wooden finishes that are available:

The most common forms of wood finishes are known as varnishes. They can be transparent or coloured.It is durable and gives a protective finish. It usually somes in glossy finish but can also be customized to give satin and semi-gloss finish.

Oil wood finishes improve the appearance of an unpolished and unfinished wood. In this finish the oil seeps into the wood and doesn’t just form a layer on top.This makes the wood look translucent and richer.

Wax finishes are not that commonly used because the protection is only short term. Though it is easy to apply, multiple applications have to be done to get the desired effect. Buffing is also required after the applications are complete.They can be formulated into different colours.

Shellac is also a natural wax. It is available in a variety of colours. It is very effective in covering damages on wooden surfaces.It is easy to apply and dries quickly, but it can be damaged by water.

Wood dyes can match with the existing color of the wood or can change the colour of the surface.They can be applied by a brush,sponge or a spray gun.

Wood stain finishes are used to enhance the colour of the wood and to give a uniform look in case of any inconsistency in appearance. Wood stains are available in a variety of colours. This finish does not give any protection to the wood.After the number of applications are done, a final coat has t be applied to protect the wood.

Lacquer on the other hand is a fast drying finish. It evaporates just after application but also cures the wood.It can be damaged due to contact with water.

Water-based finishes give a very clean finish and have less odour as compared to the other finishes. This finish dries easily, gives a natural apapearance to the surface and are easy to maintain.

The French Polishing technique is used since the 19th century. It is considered one of the classic techniques of wood finishing.French polish gives the glossiest appearance to wooden surfaces.

Wood preserve is used to protect wood from any insect damage and also from rotting.It is available in various colours and in matte finishes.

Now that you know about the different wood finishes and the advantage and disadvantage of each one, chose the one that suits your requirements.

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