Velvet is in trend nowadays but I feel using it for the interiors would be too much. Some tips to use it in a way it doesn't look overdone


I have to get my interiors done and have heard a lot about velvet but I am not so sure about using it.


I get what you are saying - velvet does seem like an unconventional choice when it comes to home decor! That said, if used correctly, it can also be the one thing that sets your home apart from the rest… Don’t be afraid of experimenting with this plush fabric. I can think of the following ways to use it…

Using a dark colored velvet couch in a pale space can create a dramatic effect.

If you do not want velvet in large furniture pieces, you can go or smaller elements like side chairs. They will be a perfect addition to your living room. You can use some contrasting shades or textures to make the space more elegant.

If a velvet dining chair would work for your then go for it!

Velvet is also ideal for your bedroom, perfect for that cozy feeling. If you want something simple, go for velvet textured headboards. You can choose from various colorful textures.

Velvet curtains will add a touch of luxury to your space. You can contrast it with your furniture and wall color. A gold or brass curtain rod will add the finishing touch!

Velvet drapes can also facilitate sound proofing when combined with carpets & rugs.

Velvet cushions will highlight your couch, adding a lovely texture to your space. A velvet bench cushion in the entryway or at the foot of your bed provides a great contrast.

Ottomans are versatile pieces of furniture. A classy velvet ottoman will be a quick comfy seat. You can use it in any room in your house.

Velvet blankets are perfect for winters as velvet is said to trap heat, so it looks and feels good too! You can experiment with different prints and textures.

You can also cover up a section of your walls with velvet wall covering, this will make your home stand out!

The only thing when using velvet is that you will have to maintain it periodically by vacuuming.This will help in keeping it dirt free.

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