What are the different types of fabrics which can be used at home? I am confused regarding the choices available and do not know which is the best option


I need some help in selecting the right fabric for my home interiors.


Yes, fabrics can make an incredible difference to the interiors of a home! Since they are available in so many different textures, colors, and thickness, it can be a tough choice! Let me see if I can give you a clear idea of the different kinds of fabrics and where you could use them in your home!

Polyester is a type of fabric that has many uses. It does not wrinkle easily and is easy to maintain. And therefore, it is an excellent option to consider for your furniture.

Even though not a fabric leather is still a popular material for furniture. Leather creates a great impression. It can be used for sofas and office furniture. It is excellent for areas where there is patterned flooring. It can be cleaned easily.

Silk brings out that richness and gives a feeling of royalty. It can be used in the living space. Silk sashes can be used for curtains or around decorative items to create a style statement.

If you want to experiment with patterns and designs cotton is the best option. It is sturdy, and therefore can be used in bed sheets and other relaxing areas of the home. If you have children and older people at home this is a must have as it is a very comfortable material.

Rayon is quite diverse in terms of textures and different pieces of rayon feel like silk, cotton, wool & linen combined. The type which is widely known is artificial silk which can be a cheaper substitute for silk and gives a similar rich feel. The only thing is the maintenance as it is a weak fabric. Dry cleaning is recommended.

Olefin is artificially manufactured and is tougher than most of the fabrics. Available in prints and patterns. Most commonly used as mats and rugs, it can also be used in pathways inside the house. This will protect the flooring from normal wear and tear.

Linen is really in right now, it is a durable and versatile fabric. Can be used for window treatments and in furniture. It is usually used in neutral shades but can experiment and pair up with the other pieces of the room.

Nylon fabric is very durable and easy to maintain. It can be used in curtains and upholstery, carpets, and rugs.

Although it is not fabric, the acrylic material is gaining popularity. It is a soft fabric which blends texture with durability and is resistant to stains and hence can be used in home decor.

Before you decide on a fabric you should consider the following points:

  • Will it be used for a piece of furniture or for accessories?
  • Is it easy to maintain and will it withstand rough usage?
  • Is it for daily use?

If you want some ideas or some tips regarding the use of materials in different areas of your home or if you have any other query related to designing, contact Hipcouch!