What are the types of doors available in the market,which one should I choose for my new home?


I want to know which door is the best for my new home.


Doors nowadays are not only used to separate spaces but also to give a new look to your space.

Here are some types of doors that are available:

Hinged Doors are the most common.Here, one end of the door is installed on the hinges, while the other swings back and forth.

Dutch doors on the other hand are easily recognizable due to their unique style, are divided horizontally and have different panels for the top and bottom.

French doors contain 2 doors hinged on both the sides and swing to each other in the centre to form a full door.

Pivot doors rotate on a pivot box, instead of the traditional side hinges.

Pocket doors are the in and out moving doors in the area provisioned inside a wall.

Sliding doors also known as bypass doors, move on the track and slide across space.

Roller doors or sectional overhead doors, are generally utilized for garages or storage spaces.

Bi-fold doors are a set of doors hinged together and fold into each other.

But out of all these doors,I would recommend the sliding doors,since they save space and are easy to install.

Few other advantages of sliding doors are:

⦁ Sliding doors are easy to operate (one side slides on the roller and the other remains immobilized) and are a great option for hard-to-reach places.
⦁ The multi-chambered sections in a sliding door come with unique double seal mechanisms that insulates your home against heat. This feature also saves about 30% on the electricity bills.
⦁ Composite gaskets on sliding doors can ensure that the doors offer thermal insulation that will keep away the dust and rain.
⦁ Sliding doors allow sunlight to enter inside the house that allows for continuous ventilation.
⦁ Sliding doors are low on maintenance and correct installation ensures the sliders work for quite a few years without any trouble.They are easy to clean as well.
⦁ The sliding doors and windows come with multi-point high-security locks screwed into the steel core of the frames. This and shatterproof glass ensures added security.
⦁ Sliding doors offer better visibility allowing total accessibility outside.
⦁ They also come in various colours, patterns, and styles.

Even though sliding doors have their own set of benefits,choose the type of door that matches your preferences and space availability.

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