What is the secret to having a perfect bedroom?


I want to design my bedroom in a way it is functional and aesthetically appealing as well.


Ah yes… how you design your bedroom matters a lot! The colours you use, the utilization of space, all this plays a big role in the kind of ambiance you wish to have in the room.

In terms of colours, opt for lighter shades like beige, sea green, light pink, and pure white. These are soothing colours, and help you relax. Colours like red,d ark blue, black, and brown should be avoided as they make the room look closed in.

The second most important thing is the lighting. Go for side lamps, dimmers, a bedroom chandelier, and several other fixtures throughout the room rather than just a tubelight. Whatever you choose, just make sure the lighting is adequate and not very bright as dim lights calm the senses instantly.

Another thing is to hang a piece of artwork on your bedroom wall. Choose according to your liking, if you like flowers go for a flower painting or a painting of some beautiful view if you like travelling.

You can even add a touch of flora with some flowers like jasmine, english ivy, lavender etc. However, avoid this if you aren’t too fond of strong smells. Just opt for a non-flowering indoor plant to add a touch of green.

The best idea is to pick a theme and get your room designed according to it. It makes the whole thing a lot simpler, and you get a room with a balanced look.

When it comes to the bed, opt for custom beds that are built according to the space available in the room. If the room is spacious, you can opt for a wardrobe (either fitted or free-standing), and if not, look for other storage options. One of them could be to have your bed customized to include storage space.

A dressing table or writing desk could be added if you have space.

Hope this helps !

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