Which paint should I use for my home? I've done a bit of research, but there's just too much information out there! Need some quick tips to choose the best one!


I want to get my new apartment painted, but don’t know which paint to use.


Oh yes…surfing the net for information often ends up in an overload, and you are none the wiser! First of all, choose the kind of paints you’d want to use - there are water-based paints, and oil-based paints. Oil-based take time to dry, have a gloss finish while the water-based ones dry quickly.

Overall, there are 6 main types of paints that are used while doing up a home…

Distemper is the cheapest kind available in the Indian market. Traditionally used to whitewash the walls, nowadays, it is available in a variety of colors has low resistance to moisture and hence can peel off easily when wet.

Emulsion is a quick drying paint which gives a rich, matte finish. Unlike distemper, emulsion is resistant to humidity, and washable to an extent. Emulsion can be applied to any surface. They release less of (harmful chemicals) VOCs, which are bad for human health.

Enamel paint is an oil-based paint which provides a rich glossy effect. It takes longer to dry, and is resistant to moisture. It is easy to clean and very durable. It is usually applied on passage walls, kitchen etc. One downfall can be its strong odour.

Luster is a variant of enamel paint, but is of better quality. It provides a pearl-like finish. It has high resistance to moisture, and fungus. It is expensive when compared to enamel paint. best suited for rooms like dining areas and living rooms where there are social gatherings as it is easy to clean.

Texture paints are applied using rollers, putty knives, trowels and brushes, to create desired textured patterns on walls. Extremely popular with people who want a textured show wall in their homes.Can be used in the entrance wall or bedrooms. The only thing is that they are the most expensive paints out of the others.

Cement paint is mostly used as an exterior paint, because of its durability as it prevents water penetration and is resilient to heat.

I would suggest you go for emulsion paints because they are resistant to moisture, affordable, and can be applied anywhere. Then again, it is better to choose the types of paints based on the areas of your home where you want to use them - using distemper in the unseen corners of your home would save you a lot of moolah!

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