Can I use pink colour in the master bedroom? Will it be too feminine?

I was thinking of using the colour pink for my bedroom.

There are various shades of pink, you just have to pick the right shade to make the room more vibrant and attractive.

Here are some shades you can choose from:

If you want to give your room a glamorous look, go for dusky pink.

If you want a more soothing shade, go for lemonade pink.

But the shade which best suits all decor and seasons is plaster pink.

You can also use pink in combination with the orange or green to balance it out.

A mild pink shade can also be paired with plum or purple for a more sophisticated look.

If you want some help in deciding the colour theme for your home or for any other designing advice, contact one of our experts!

I think pink color isn’t good for master bedroom. You have to explore other color. :grinning:

There is some suggestion for master bedroom colors. The best colors for a master bedroom are blue, yellow, and brown. Blue is a naturally inviting and relaxing color that will promote healthy sleep as well as a great environment for general relaxation.