How do I give a more feminine look to my bedroom?


I am shifting to another room which belonged to my brother. It looks very dark and rugged. I do not like it.


When we say feminine decor, it simply means decor that has a certain feathery and graceful quality to it! Some tips to get this quality…

Use pastel shades! They bring that elegance and freshness in the room.
Also, use soft, rounded shapes and smooth lining details. Delicate materials put together with curvy and intricate designs would definitely do it.

When it comes to patterns, I think you can guess this one… Floral patterns are feminine by default! Of course, you could always experiment with botanicals, bohemians, polka dots in geometric patterns, and demasks.

Soft fabrics are quintessentially feminine! Consider giving a classic blend of textures such as cotton, silk, velvet, linen, chenille and cashmere to balance out the textures.

For other accessories, choose a light-coloured dresser or vanity. Add some colour coordinated throw pillows for extra plushness. You can aslo go for graphic prints. Vintage-looking furniture like a vintage trunk will also add that uniqueness to your room.

A nice touch of feminine accessories is the last step. Do not be afraid to mix colors and patterns in bedding, rugs, and curtains. Wall hangings, artifacts, some handmade craft, creative photo frames, fancy mirrors, delicate lamps like the stylish table lamps or hanging pendant lamps, antique chandeliers, and sheer material curtains and many more things can be combined to accessorise your room in a feminine way.

If you are looking for an elaborate makeover, get in touch with our experts! They’ll help you find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.