How to select the right lighting while designing the guest bedroom?

I want some lighting tips for the guest bedroom so that there is appropriate lighting in the room.

The right kind of lighting should be selected for the guest bedroom to make it look more inviting.

Installing lights that also match up with the design theme and colour is also important. The shape of the lighting should complement the furniture. If you want to install a reading light,it should be at least 20-25 inches above the height of the bed for comfortable reading.

You can also install a ceiling light or a chandelier.

Select the curtains or blinds cautiously as many guests might not like much of sunlight or natural light in the. Select ones which can help adjust the flow of light.A combination of both helps the guest to adjust the inflow of light.

Hope this helps!

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Do not neglect lighting layout and design to builders because you will miss the design component. Get a planner or learn about it to help you establish the overall presentation of lighting so that you can avoid adverse reactions.

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