I am redoing my apartment and want to get rid of the large furniture which took a lot of space. Can you give suggestions for some multi-functional furniture that will take less space and will be of great use to my 2BHK?


Please help me with some smart furniture use tips for my apartment which is being refurbished.


Good Thinking! Large furniture eats a lot of space especially in case of small homes. The solution lies in multi-functional furniture, which makes use of that limited space and can serve for various purposes.

I have listed down some of the options that you can use:

A futon in the living room wil serve two purposes. It can easily switch between a sofa and a bed. A good option when there are guests in the house.You can go for wooden frame futons or metal frame ones.

You can also opt for modular sofas that can be extended to make room for more people or kept as it is whenever required.

Folding furniture is one of the best options when one talks about multi-functional. One different and unique thing is the lift top coffee table.They have lids that raise up which can act as a worktable or a dining table other than its normal use of a coffee table.

A foldable dining table which leaves space for storing chairs is not bad either. Trending patterns are the butterfly or a leaf drop table.

The gap under the bed can also be put to smart use. It can be used to stack blankets or clothes etc. Some beds also come with built-in shelves at the sides.You can even have storage drawers or shelves beneath the mattress.

Making use of this type of multi-functional furniture will help you to eliminate clutter and will be perfect for kids and teens as they are the ones who majorly contribute to the clutter.

Ottomans are perfect for storage. They can be used to store items which are not used frequently. It can be used for sitting, as a side table in the bedroom, and can also act as a coffee table when required.

Window seats beside the window of any of your rooms with storage space can help you a great deal.You can do away with the chairs with this option.

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