I want my bathroom to have a luxurious look.How can I achieve that?

I want to give a luxurious feel to my simple bathroom.

Most of the Mumbai homes have small bathrooms,so it is necessary to design the space effectively.

If you want to give a luxurious look to your bathroom,here are some tips just to achieve that:

The one area you can be most creative with is the wall.You can use tile or marble on walls or opt for water-proof paints and wallpapers to add more colour.

Stylish faucets, different water tub designs, trendy shower, posh cabinets or storage shelves can also add to it.

Trendy lighting can also enhance the look of your bathroom.
Accent lighting or unique lighting can be used to give a luxurious effect.

Mirrors,curtains, some art pieces,etc can also make your bathroom attractive.

Just choose according to the space available so that you do not make a mistake while designing your bathroom.

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