I want to get the flooring work done in my apartment.I want to know what is in trend right now


I want to know what’s trending in flooring.


Flooring work is a crucial part when you talk about house interiors.It has to be done with proper care and precision.

The flooring should be durable and attractive as well.

Let me tell you about some flooring which is in trend right now:

Reclaimed wood or recovered wood is essentially timber that has been formerly utilized for some or another purpose and has now been reclaimed for usability in a new avatar.

Reclaimed wood is environmentally-wise,durable, and also easier on your pocket as compared to new flooring.

Another trend is floor tiles or chameleon tiles, they are called so because when they are installed on the floor, they fit in with the shades and surfaces of the house interior.They can be used in the washroom, master bedroom, or even to make some statement corridors.

If you want to go hi-tech there are also temperature adjusting ones that differentiate between different temperatures and adapt to the colours accordingly.

Cement based tiles are also likely to come back in trend.They come in two-tone finishes, artistic motifs/patterns,or the plain look,they are sure to catch the attention.

One new trend which has taken inspiration from the textured fabrics is the same design being replicated on the earthern floor and porcelain tiles.These will give the same look as those silky fabrics and textures at your home.These are durable and can be used even in the wet regions of the house.These are easy to maintain and give that stylish look to your room.

If you are confused regarding which flooring would be best for your house, speak to one of our experts!