I want to know about some lighting that I can incorporate in my bedroom


I want some lighting ideas for my bedroom.


Trends in lighting have changed, there’s no longer that standard lighting in rooms in today’s homes.

Bedroom is a place where you just want to relax after a tiring day or maybe read a book etc.

So here, a combination of bright, dim and subtle lighting can be used for that cosy effect.

Most preferred light fixtures are inspired by traditional styles like a jewelry inspired lighting fixture or a vintage style lampshade.

Also in trend is LED lighting that can be controlled with smartphones and can change colour. These are environment friendly and save energy.

You can even go for some lamps that come with a small shelf which can be used to keep books, some come with a USB port for charging your phone or tablet.

String bulbs provide some soft lighting that is relaxing.

Get a bedside table lamp for reading or a wall mounted bedside lamp or even a floor lamp.Movable wall scones are also a good idea which can be used as your bedside lamp.

Pendant lights or chandeliers with dim lights are an excellent choice for the bedroom. Opt for accent lighting for a wall that has some artwork or photos.

Task lighting can be used around your dressing table or a mirror so that there is easy grooming and make-up application.

One newest trend is moon-shaped table lamp, with LED lighting that changes from soft white to yellow,for that relaxed ambience.

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