I'd love to paint all the walls white! I love the minimalism in Greek homes, and want to replicate it in mine... But, would it be wise?


I am confused about using the color white on the walls.


You’ve got great taste - white is an underestimated color, when it comes to painting your walls. It may even come across as boring to some, but the trick is about finding a balance with the right accessories. Don’t overdo it, though - just a bit of color to balance the starkness of white.

For instance, go for your favorite artifacts like vases, bowls, rugs etc.in different patterns and designs of the same color like teal or sea-green. Choose textures like fur, silk or linen. A multicolored rug will also give a vibrant look to the room.

If you are an art lover, there could not be a better setting than white walls! You can go for something different like an abstract piece of art in different frame styles, and sizes complemented by a matching pillow. A white coffee table with a flower vase can add that magic touch too! You can even arrange your art in a gallery like format.

Adding some greenery will also give a refreshing look to your home. You can hang some plants or arrange some small plants in the corner of your living room or bedroom strategically.

You can also have a glass topped dining table paired with some metallic chairs for that timeless shine.

Essentially, just make sure that you play the balancing act well. Once you’ve done that, your minimalist home will end up being the cynosure of all eyes!

One obvious challenge though - maintaining white walls can be a bit of a problem, especially in dusty metros like Mumbai. Keeping them clean is essential, or they might lose their charm over time.

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