Should I go for a toughened glass for my home or a textured one?

I want some help in choosing glass for my home from these two.

Toughened glass is basically a glass which does not shatter or crack into sharp pieces even in extreme impact.

This glass is therefore good to use as dining table/coffee table, shower door,floor, furniture, shelves, staircases,and counter tops. Before choosing it for the floor make sure you consult a interior designer first as it might be slippery.

Apart from being tough they also offer privacy.

Whereas textured glass come in pretty motifs, and patterns in all sizes and shapes.This glass gives you more privacy and doesn’t stop the natural light from coming in.

You can also for half by half-textured glass.

So choose one based on your requirements.

If you want some help of an expert to help you with choosing a glass for your home or to design your house,contact Hipcouch!