Should I opt for a bunk bed for the kids room?

Or can a conventional double bed be just fine, with some changes to the room decor…

If you have two kids, bunk beds are pretty good idea, especially for the space averse apartments in Mumbai.

Your kids can have the extra space to move around freely and play in the room. One of the best features of a good bunk bed is that it comes with separate drawers and cabinets for storage. So, if you opt for such a design, you can even stack away those toys, stationary and stuff pretty neatly.

Besides, most bunk beds come with an option to get detached, if at all you feel the need for it later on, keeping your worries of whether they are long-term or not at bay.

You are essentially teaching your kids to develop the habit of sleeping independently in their own private space, which is great. So, if you ask me, honestly bunk beds are basically a good idea.

Also, I think this should help you make a better decision:

That completely depends on the space you have. If your kid’s room more space you can opt for two separate kid’s beds. However, if space is too less a comfortable bunk bed can give your children great sleeping space along with ample play area in the room.