The height of the ceiling in my new apartment is not quite what it should be.Can you tell me how do I make it look higher?


I want my ceiling to look higher.


Of course you can… there are lots of ways to create an illusion that the ceiling is higher…

Using recessed lights is a nice option as they can be fitted within the ceiling itself, this will save you from the trouble of hanging lights or some big lamps.

Anything which draws your eyes upward will male your ceiling look higher. Vertical stripes do just this. You can paint or stick some wallpapaers which have a vertical stripes pattern to make your ceiling feel taller and the area bigger.Juat make sure there is some contrast between the stripes.

When you hang your curtains just below the ceiling, you will be drawing the eyes upwards and fool the brain of the person into thinking the window is bigger.

Low furniture can be used to make the space look bigger between the ceiling and the floor, this will make the room look spacious.

Another tip would be to use glass on the walls as it wll give an illusion of more area and will also provide natural daylight into the room.

Using full-height doors and taller passageways can also do the trick.

Panelled or beadboard ceiling patterns give more of a nice and spacious look to the room.

Instead of painting your walls , go for darker shades on the walls and the ceiling to make your room feel cosy.

Highlight another area of the room by hanging a big painting etc to draw eye away from the low ceiling.

Opt for open shleves till the walls to make your ceiling feel higher and also to take care of your storage needs.

Paint your ceiling with high gloss paints or give it a matte finish, this will give the effect of an never ending room.

To bring focus towards the floor, you can place a bold rug on the floor or have a permanent patterned floor.

Hope this helped you!

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