We are thinking of moving into a sea-facing flat.Can you tell me how do I maintain such a flat and what can be the cons of having a sea-facing flat?

We will mostly be shifting to a sea-facing flat. But I do not know how do I maintain such a flat.

You’ve chosen well, in terms of location. The challenge is in maintaining it! Some common problems you’ll face are humid air, metal furniture, rust, etc.

To avoid facing these problems, you can follow these steps:

Keep the decor minimalist.

Starting from the outside-in, pick an organic exterior finish. Choose stone and concrete for exterior finishes as they will be able to withstand the weather changes because of the sea.

Pick an oil-based paint of good quality as other paints can peel off earlier.

Invest in some cloth covers and removable cushions for furniture.

If you want to shift to a sea-facing flat,opt for thick and shatterproof window panes.

Extra care has to be taken of landscaping, floorboards, and the outdoor furniture.

The humid air can slowly corrode wires and can lessen the shelf-life of appliances.Also there can be mold in the house due to this.

Electric switches can also get spoilt by rust.

Metal furniture will also get ruined if you bring it in your sea-facing flat.So it is better to opt for stainless steel,fiberglass, or vinyl.

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