What type of glass I can install at home without compromising on the privacy


I want to install new glasses at my home for the doors and partition.


Installing the right type of glass is a very tricky thing. Choosing a glass which is durable and also lends that privacy to a home is not easy. But as difficult as it sounds, the solution is simple.

Some great options you can choose from:

Tinted glass
Tinted glass provides with the right amount of privacy which is needed. You can opt for a darker tinted glass if you reside in a high heat zone, to dim down the lighting. Lighter shades are best if you want some amount of sunlight to enter your home creating a balance of warmth and coolness. They are available in standard black and blue, greys, and bronze tones as well.

Textured glass
Textured glass comes in pretty motifs or abstract outlines with textures of all shapes and sizes. The heavier it is in design, the more privacy it will allow. The half by half glass covers only half of the pane and the other half is as it is. This way the natural light can come in too.

Laminated, Tempered, and Toughened glass
This glass ensures privacy and the tougher surface does not let it crack or shatter into small pieces even in extreme impacts. The glass is perfect for dining/coffee tables, shower doors, furniture, glass balconettes, shelves, staircases, and even shop facades or store countertops. The laminated glass can be used on the floor surface where there is relatively lesser weight impact, but it is better to consult an interior decorator before.

Auto-Privacy enabled glass
For the love of privacy, this glass is the one to go for. The clarity and opaqueness of the glass panel can be conttolled by a little switch. It uses a sophisticated electrical mechanism with a polymer dispersed liquid crystal film. If the day is too bright you can switch to opaque mode and for that dose of sunlight turn on the transparent mode.

Designers have also started to use them as doors, and partition screens for that extra layer of privacy and security.

Hope that this solves your confusion.

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